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Is it a good time to purchase a home now?

Is it a good time to purchase a home now?

Is it a good time to purchase a home now?


The past 2020 was undoubtedly a year marked by the state of alarm and the consequences of the COVID pandemic. This caused the fall in house prices in major markets globally, thus generating the questions that anyone interested in purchase is making now. Will the prices go down further? Is it a good time to buy a property or a plot of land?

Well, it is true that Spain has suffered the recession in the housing market and the consequent price drop in some of the real estate assets. However, despite the pandemic-induced deflation, those in good situations and strategic positions do not experience significant reductions. Recent data indicates that house prices are stabilizing and starting to grow, and we believe this process will gain momentum in 2021.  We are already seeing the first movements that mark the recovery of the real estate sector as the recent price decrease has encouraged national and foreign investment, as we have observed in recent months.

It is true that the uncertainty of the current moment is holding back the real estate development, however we hope this process is temporary and is mainly due to the mobility restrictions in Spain and in Europe in general. We are aware that once the countries resume their normal function, the housing investment in the Valencian Community will gain force, first of all because this destination boasts unbeatable quality of life that no other place in Europe can offer!

Many foreigners see Spain as the ideal country for expats taking into consideration living standards, opportunities, social aspects and security. Here you can have your holiday residence, enjoy your retirement or just live long-time, and sometimes forever. The Costa Blanca coast is one of the most desired destinations to buy a property in Spain. This area is famous all over the world for the unique healthy climate with abundance of sun and high temperatures even in winter months, the incredible beaches with crystal clear waters, the eco-friendly locally grown produce, the top-class gourmet gastronomy, the vast array of multicultural services, low average living costs, and excellent value for money!

No wonder that due to the global character of pandemic restrictions, including total lockdowns and inability to travel, our European neighbors are seeking a ´safe haven´ home, where in case of future confinements they can carry on a more easy-going way of life than that of their origin countries. Many medium-to-high level buyers, especially from the Northern Europe and the USA, such as foundations and private investors, have already resumed their search for the Costa Blanca properties.  According to experts, the residential market is the safest these days, since it is protected against inflation and has less risk than equity investments.

Recently we have been able to observe a significant increase in traffic to our website from countries such as Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, as well as North America. We are currently experiencing a lot more buyer interest and inquiries specifically for our empty plot listings. This proves that for would-be investors seeking stability, land maintains its appeal as an asset in both short and long-term, as it gives option of resale or construction once the current crisis has passed.

As it proved true in the former crisis, the secret of a successful investment lies in the ability to predict market performance. The anticipated rise in the Costa Blanca housing market will give advantage to early-comers, for this reason we encourage potential buyers to grab the opportunity and to enter the market early.  Being uncertain and waiting for prices to still fall further may lead you to eventual losses when market bounces back. Do not delay your decision-making, buy your dream home while reduced prices are still available!

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